What worked, what didn't, results from millions in ads & split tests, best practices, and every dirty little secret that taught me to close over 75-100 deals per year and still have a life ...
Here’s A Sliver Of What You’ll Learn:
  • ​How it's possible to transition from a typical REALTOR to a Mega Agent in less than 30 days!
  • ​How you don't need to buy leads from companies like Zillow and every again, all without being held hostage by a tech guy!
  • ​How you can sit back from the comfort of your homes and hand out leads to agents while earning 50% of the commission!
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This book contains cheat codes for the real estate lead industry... Here’s a taste of your unfair advantage!!
The beautiful home I live in…

The office and team members that help me run my business…

The option to work WHEREVER and WHENEVER I want…

The ability to help my parents financially with anything at any time…

The very best doctors for my son…

This is all possible because I have knowledge that people want to learn...

AND they’re willing to pay me good money to teach it to them. 

Today I make a living helping other entrepreneurs do the same.

At this point, I’ve helped thousands of clients flush out the information they’ve acquired over the years…

….and turn it into a consistent, profitable business. 


If you have ever been asked for advice, shown someone how to do something, or have knowledge (no matter how entry level) that someone else would like to learn…

This book will show you how to profit from that knowledge.

If you think that your knowledge is “too niched”...

Or there’s not enough people who want to learn what you know…

I’m going to be blunt with you…

It’s a load of crap. It’s a limiting belief you manifested out of thin air.

It’s exactly what my friend Molly thought when she wanted to teach people how to become a boudoir photographer.

Do you know what a boudoir photographer is?

Neither did I when we first spoke, but it turns out boudoir photography can be much more lucrative than regular wedding photography…

If you were a photographer, isn’t that something you’d like to learn and offer to potential clients?

Well now Molly is a 7 figure earner! (you can read about her on pages 174-180)

But the point is, there are people who want to know what you know.

And the reason they want to learn from YOU is because you’ve done the work for them…

You went through the growing pains and experiences…

You figured out what worked and what didn't…

You have an idea of how you would learn from scratch if you had to start over…

And people will pay money for that.
Inside Of My NEW Book...
I am going to tell you about these secrets for FREE!
Inside of Lead Conversion Secrets, I will be sharing dozens of secrets to help you profit from online buyer and seller leads and SCALE your real estate business.

Who am I? View About the Author Here.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of your FREE copy of Lead Conversion Secrets! 
  • ​Opportunity - Learn how my desire for a better quality of life lead me down a path of entrepreneurship and ultimately into the real estate and mortgage business. 
  • ​The Farmers Dog - It's true that most people are unhappy with their life or certain aspects of their life, but just not unhappy enough to do something about it. Learn about "The Farmers Dog" and how this analogy may apply to your life and change things permanently. 
  • ​Why You Have To Have Plan  - In this chapter I will show you why it is crucial that you have a solid executable marketing plan before you even start.  
  • How I Made Over $10,000 Per Month - My first 30 days in sales I learn the principals that taught me that sales is just a numbers game. I used this knowledge to develop the A2RMETHOD which is directly responsible for closing 75-100 real estate transactions per year, 100% from cold internet leads. Learn how 100 pennies made this happen.
  • Risk Taker  - What if I told you most real estate agents are not risk takers, would you believe me? Over 87% of agents will throw in the towel their first 30 days in the business, why? Because when they blow threw their warm market, the are too scared to advertise. I'll let you about a strategy so easy and profitable anyone can do it.
  • Learn from my mistakes - One of the things that make me unique is that not only I am a Mega Agent, I am also an internet marketer. There's not a course, program, lead company that I have not tried. I know what works, and what it just fluff. Speed up your learning curve by only doing what works and ignoring the rest.
Who is Dwayne & Amanda Roberts? Why Should You Listen To Us?
  • ​How We Went From Average REALTORS to Mega Agents - All within 30 days of developing our system. We have been featured on local and national media outlets like NBC, ABC, CBS & FOX news. 
  • The A2RMETHOD - This method is a daily paint-by-numbers approach to social media and internet lead conversion. We have been training real estate agents for over 15 years now, and have identified what characteristics define top producing agents. More importantly, how our system will help you double or even triple your existing business.
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What Are Others Saying About The A2RMETHOD?
"It's worth the money for sure! You're definitely going to get the leads. They're going to start pouring in! So much that you can't keep up with them! I definitely feel it is worth the investment!" - Tracy
"Within the first 4 days I received 97 leads" - Pat
"In the last 24 hours, I have gotten 247 home buyer leads who are booking on my calendar from a home buyer consultation" - Tan
It's Obvious
The A2RMethod  Has Already Helped So Many Agents which will learn about in "Lead Conversion Secrets"
Are You Ready To Be The Next Success Story?
Send Me Your Address...
I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new book to your doorstep, ASAP!
As mentioned, this book is FREE. I'll cover the cost of the book, all I ask is you cover the cost of shipping and handling and we'll send it anywhere in the world! You can also grab the audiobook for a small fee once you put your details in below...
Here’s A Sliver Of What You’ll Learn:
  • How you can use this book to create wealth . Revealed on Page 12
  • ​Why you need to focus on strategy opposed to tactics. Revealed on Page 36
  • ​WARNING: Avoid the #1 Pitfall that makes most real estate agents go broke and fail Revealed on Page 48
  • ​How the A2RMETHOD can be duplicated by any agent regardless of experience level Revealed on Page 60
  • ​The two business models that virtually guarantee you a 6 figure business. Revealed on Page 66
  • ​How to develop your own RMS and why this is the most critical piece of your marketing. Revealed on Page 48
  • ​How you can transition from an average REALTOR to a Mega Agent in less than 30 days. Revealed on Page 73
  • How you can generate as many leads as you want without paying a fortune or hiring a tech guy. Revealed on Page 82
  • ​How to build a team of agents around you that will work you leads and make money like your personal ATM machine Revealed on Page 88
  • ​Building the framework online so leads are chasing you opposed to you chasing them Revealed on Page 98
  • Copy the exact buyer marketing campaigns that have generated millions in commissions Revealed on Page 103
  • Also copy the exact seller marketing campaigns that have generated millions in commissions Revealed on Page 110
  • ​How you can automate your entire business so you can do other things like spend time with your family and other things you enjoy. Revealed on Page 89
  • ​Learn about our lead converting system that anyone can follow. Following the steps within the A2RMETHOD will have buyers and sellers standing in line wanting to hire you Revealed on Page 119
  • ​How to position your Facebook page so you're viewed as the local expert. Revealed on Page 151
  • ​How to handle objections and perfect your craft. Revealed on Page 153
  • ​Why offending your “Worst Customer Avatar” will get you more sales and free press. Revealed on Page 115
  • ​Getting over you fear of the camera. Revealed on Page 160

Everything you need to Be Highly Successful In Real Estate Is In This Book

Once you grasp the concepts within this book...

You’ll position yourself as the "go-to-agent" in your city and make an impact.

It’s how I’ve been able to close 75-100 transactions per year and teach other agents across the nation how to duplicate my success. 

And it’s why I’ve become the go-to guy for helping real estate agents create highly profitable businesses. 

All while people are constantly trying to recreate my process and rip me off.

I promise you the $7.95 price tag on this short book is more valuable than all the 6 week courses that sell for $997.... COMBINED! 

I’m holding nothing back.

Even Brand New Agents Can Implement What's Taught in This Book! Easy As 1-2-3.

Send Me Your Address...
I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new book to your doorstep, ASAP!
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